Who We Are

At The Community Builder, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our programs and activities are designed to help individuals reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. As they grow into bright-minded and confident individuals.  

Our Mission

The Community Builder, is dedicated to providing support services and resources to dis-advantaged and financially-distressed individuals and families to improve the local standard of living and increased community self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

  • To  improve the quality of life by strengthening communities,  eliminating barriers to access support services  &  opportunities as they become available.

  • To  help disadvantaged people and homeless youth who strive to become self-sufficient reach their full potential to provide security and economic stability.
The Community Builder is committed to building new programs and continuing to expand existing programs with NPO partners that serve low-income individuals and families in order to help them become more self-sufficient.   To increase social capital by building a pool of resources that enhance job skills,  developing community trust, strengthening community networks, and fostering norms of self-sufficiency through awareness of community services and new opportunities available.
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What We Do

Our Team

Nicole Phipps
Program Specialist
Board Member
Teresa Short
CEO, Exec. Program Director

Frank Hinojosa
Board Member
Dawn Barker
CFO, Exec. Director 

Cynthia  Sharp
Secretary / Director
Jennie Rios
Community Outreach           

Board Member

Charles Hite
Board Member