Our Supporters
The Community Builder relies on financial contributions, in-kind goods, services and a dedicated team of all volunteers who give countless hours of time helping others. Without the support of people like you we would not be able to continue what we do.  ​The Community Builder is grateful for the generosity of  our corporate, individual and community donors and sponsors  who make giving back to the community possible. 

Donors & Sponsors

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A&R Painting
American Legions
Bed Bath & Beyond
Boise State University
Brave Girl
Caldwell Meats
Career OneStop
CB Lawn Care
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Cleo's Plus Size Botique
Chapala Mexican
Code Red 
Cup of Joe Gifts to Go
Del Taco
Desert Industries
Experience Works
Gardner Property Management
Harris & Co., PLLC
Habitat for Humanity 
​Idaho State Department of Education
Les Bois Doll Club
Les Schwab Tires
Mail Room N More
Nampa Family Justice Center
Nampa Housing Authority
Nampa School District
PCs for People

Pottery Barn
Restored Redeemed & Renewed, Inc.
Salvation Army
Second Chance Building Materials
Special Olympics
Tates Rents
The Very Essense
The Dewey Restaraunt
​Treasure Valley Community College
Treasures With In
Tuesday Morning
University of Idaho
Vertical Response
Vetrans Adminastration
Walmart Foundation
Whiskey River
Williams Sonoma

Tiffany Lindsay - Nampa
Mr. Bill -Nampa
April Harmer - Boise
Micky Espinoza - Nampa
Amberly Tweedy - Nampa
Charlie Newman
Chris Hurley - Nampa
Keith Jackson - Box Elder, SD
Lawrence Olds - Nampa
Ms. Michelle - Nampa
David Grinagar - Nampa
SanJuana Lopez - Nampa
Melinda Richards - Hunt. Beach, CA
Rachel Fabbi
Nicholas Prieto 
Ann Oynams
Pam Olsen
Peggy Miller ​​ - Eagle
​Steve Brown - Hunt. Beach, CA
Susan Lancaster - Mountain Home
Chris Thomas - Nampa
Terry Saba - Nampa
Charlie Hite - Nampa
Pam Peterson - Nampa
​Maureen Jackson - Nampa
​Glenda Duggan - Nampa
Manuelo Reyes 
Elizabeth Carreon
​Joe Harper - Nampa
Patricia Lara
Joyce Lunsford - Nampa
Tyler Harelson - Nampa
Gina Osterloth - Nampa
Brett & Shannon Nicholson - Boise
Karen Kofoed - Nampa
Don Bramble - Nampa
Ben Long - Caldwell
Dana Huffaker - Notis
Juany Rehiag - Caldwell
Lisa Lehto - Nampa
Rosemary Parsel - Nampa
Alice Williams - Nampa

​Doris Coltran

Jerald Nichols
Bailey Vails - Walla Walla, WA
Jade Woodbury - Nampa
Gordon Kruckeberg - Nampa
Barbara Trube
Richard Gee - Nampa
Molly McCormick - Nampa
Ms. Ruthie - Nampa
Shauna Murphy - Nampa
Cindy Sharp - Hunt. Beach, CA
Randy Cramer - Nampa
Kim Brown - Nampa
Terry Zink  - Nampa
Dale Collins - Nampa
Canelle Christy - Nampa
Ms. Ione - Nampa
Howard Johnson - Hunt. Beach, CA
Nick Swikert - Eagle
Kristina Powers - Nampa
Richard Emery - Eagle
Tami Britton - Caldwell
Howard Johnson - Big Bear, CA
David Owens - Nampa
Frank Hinojosa - Caldwell
Brenda Hinojosa - Caldwell
​Seth & Marina Uhlerkott - Meridian
Debra D Robertson
​Sheryl & Shannon Carnell
Bev Doscher - Nampa
Pablo Riojas - Nampa
Cheryl Waddell - Nampa
Maria Marquez - Nampa
Marcella Barrera - Nampa
Victoria Keely - Nampa
Art Kessler - Nampa
Rafael Maqurez - Nampa
Mike Rogers - Nampa
Ethan Schuler - Nampa
Brian Reed - Boise
Joshua Short - Caldwell
Irma Perez - Nampa
Ron Strohmeyer - Nampa
Becky Andrews - Nampa

Business & Retail Partners
The Community Builder partners with Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers  who have  corporate surplus, returns, Shelf pulls and excess product.   All donations  help  people  in need.  We provide items from basic essentials to backpacks for unsheltered homeless and clothing to home furnishings for  individuals and families  transitioning off the street and moving into a new home.