10 Facts About Homeless
The "Because We Care" Project was created to bring awareness about people who are homeless and the misconceptions of homelessness.  To  encourage businesses, service providers, organizations, and churches to bring awareness of the misunderstandings society has about homeless people.  

In November 2014, the National Center on Family Homelessness reported that one child in every thirty—or 2.5 million children in the U.S.—were homeless at some point in 2013. Many advocates blame the country’s high poverty rate on a lack of affordable housing, among other causes. Even though the child homeless rate is at an all-time high, people who are homeless are typically hidden away from the general population and many young people are not aware of the issues of homelessness, unless they are homeless themselves. In addition, there is a lot of misunderstanding by the general public about who is homeless and the causes for
homelessness. As a society, we have a stereotypical view of homeless people (e.g. alcoholics, drug addicts, dangerous, mentally ill) and there is a profound stigma around being homeless in the United States. Further, targeted violence against homeless people is a serious national issue.
Youth, adults and families who become homeless are faced with mutiple barriers that already are difficult to overcome 

 Join the "Because We Care" community and help change the stigma of homelessness and violence against homeless people.  
 Display a "Because We Care"vinyl sticker  in your window,  recognized as a symbol of acceptance
​to show your support as a welcoming place in your community and accross the Nation.   
Real People, Real Stories, Real Life                                       Share your Story
US homeless shelters are struggling to accommodate the growing number of poor Americans.   The face of the average shelter tenant has been changing in the past few years, and for many even a full-time job doesn't pay a  livable wage to support themselves or a family.  
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From Nothing to NASA

​Dr. Terry Morris. Grew up homeless from age 4yrs - 14yrs then into foster care until he aged out. Today he is an electrical and systems engineer at NASA as well as a national speaker with an inspiring story - a life of abuse, left on the side of the road with nothing, the challenges he had to overcome to be where he is today.